Helping you get more "life" out of your life
Helping you get more "life" out of your life

Rx Sleep Science LLC: Solutions

21st Century Sleep LAB Technology applied to


the Obesity Epidemic = Exercisewhilesleeping

What would you pay to lose weight effortlessly while sleeping?


= Waking up thin, energized, full of life.


the Sleeplessness Epidemic = AcceleratedSleeping

What would you pay to get 12 hours of sleep in 4 hours of time?


= Waking up after 4 hours fully rested, able to get more "life" out of your life.


the Depression Epidemic = SleepNeuralizer
What would you pay to lose your depression while you slept?


= Waking up peaceful, content, solid, everyday.



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Rx Sleep Science LLC

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